PAYGE from The Basement Dwellers looking for knowledge!

Dr.ZODIAK posted at the Suga Free music video shoot!

PAYGE from The Basement Dwellers rolling up a blunt.

Streets Are Marvelous (Nicholas)

Album cover I made for the next Basement Dweller track!


"Underground, lyrical, and murderous; that’s how we approached this song. We wanted to drop a dope underground classic and have fun doing it. Definitely a track anyone can bump anywhere that loves hip/hop" - Tokyo

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Good Fellas (Official Music Video)

New art cover for a new Basement Dweller track. Just because we love Godzilla!

Coming Soon!

My new sounds:

Tokyo is the founder, creator, and executive producer of LACultTV. He is very fond of the hip/hop culture, but there is clearly an issue within the culture. That is; mainstream music. Listeners get confused by what is real hip/hop due to mass media marketing and believe pop music is hip/hop. When in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. So let Tokyo Speak … 

Eat My Heart Out (E.M.H.O.) Prod. Infameezy (Official Music Video)

My new sounds:

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